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My Doc Recognised Celiac As My Issue

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I didn't speak of my gastro issues thoroughly with any doctor until about 2 years in. When I brought it up during a routine general visit to renew a prescription for other issues, with one of his associates, the Celiac blood panel tests were ordered and results were positive for the antibodies. I set up an appointment 2 months later to talk about determining other dietary issues and it was Friday late afternoon and I felt i wasn't given the attention I was asking for.

I had 3 issues to deal with that day, he handled 1. The following week one of the issues I had wanted addressed got worse so I called and was given an appointment very quickly. During that visit my doctor did a much better issue dealing with me. He realized he had not given proper treatment for vitamin D deficiency that came up in first blood work and took another D panel as well as b-12 panel. I asked if he had OFFICIALLY diagnosed me as having celiac and essentially he said that he was listing celiac disease as the reason for having ordered the vitamin tests and asked if I was ok with having that on my med report. I said "well it's right...right?!" .

"Looks like it to me" he said.

Anyway, he is an OK doc for diagnosing and recognizes celiac as a disease, but he also acknowledges he doesn't know enough about it and encourages me to give him info. He recommended looking up celiac online and noted that those afflicted have the most info, hence I am here. If you don't have a doc u trust and are in Eugene, Or. I will give you his name as I trust him, but I think there are likely better docs out there who are better equiped to deal with this disease.

I am blessed in a way in that my father (who is celiac) has a caregiver who is also celiac and i take much advice from them. They are in Ashland, Or.

Anyway best to all.

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I think you are very lucky. A clueless doctor who is willing to listen to the research YOU do means he doesn't think he's GOD and really wants you to get better. I wish I had one like that.

The big bummer is when you do your own research, figure out what's wrong with you, present it to your doctor and he won't do anything with it. That really bites :angry:

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