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Two New Family Members Diagnosed

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I found out in July while at a family reunion that my father's full cousin's daughter (on my father's mother's side) is either celiac or gluten intolerent (no official testing). My mom told me yesterday that my father's great great nephew who is only 1 has to be gluten free. Mom told me he had the "rash". Sounds like DH to me. His mother is breast feeding and has to be gluten free for him. The baby's great grandfather (my dad's brother) has suffered from psorasis (? spelling) for years. I find it very interesting that two people, while distant cousins have issues. I am convinced this at the very least, comes from my father's side. Both my parents have been "screened" now and their doctor tells them they don't have it. I don't take much stock in what their doctor says, because when my mom asked what tests were run and what the actual results were he refused to tell her. He told her not to worry about it she did not have it. Mom I probably can buy this, but Dad is another story. He has been having issues with low phosphate. They found his vitamin d to be on the lower of normal side. He is taking vitamin D RX to get it up so he absorbs the phosphorus better. He was told his celiac tests were normal also (he just now got screened). Again I don't have much faith in his doctor, because if his numbers were borderline high(but technically in normal range) he is the type that would probably call it normal. Oh well maybe he isn't, and I just want everyone I love to be as healthy as can be. Now I just need to convince my brother to at least get screened. He has sarcoidosis and has a weird rash for years that does not go away. He also claims to be lactose intolerent. If I just had the extra money to get the genetic screening done. I am at least curious what genes I have. Someday maybe.

Celiac disease(positive blood work/biopsy- 10/2008), gluten free oat intolerent, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis/Disease, Raynaud's Disease

DS2(age 9):
celiac disease(positive IgA tTG, no biopsy- 11/2010)

DS1(age 13):
repeated negative bloodwork and negative EGD/biopsy. Started on a gluten free trial(8/2011). He has decided to stay gluten free due to all of the improvements he has experienced on the diet.

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