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List Of Foods Free Of The Top 8?

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I saw a halloween candy list that showed which candies were free of which allergens, is there is a list of foods that are free of the top 8? My son in addition to gluten, is extremely reactive to eggs, and has lactose intolerance. He showed a moderate reaction to corn- so he should really be off that too.

Is there a list like this for foods that naturally don't have the top 8 allergens in them?

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Try to stick with whole unprocessed foods as much as you can. That said there are egg replacers that you can use to make things like cupcakes etc. Ener-g makes the one I use. Other than that reading labels is going to be the best way to go in general. There are good companies that won't hide gluten, like Kraft and Unilever products. If you don't see it listed it is not there.

The top 8 allergens however have to be listed if they are in a product.

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