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Gluten Free Diet

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I just had the bloodwork done today to look at the antibodies. My doctor is pretty confident that I have Celiac's so I have been eating a gluten-free diet for a few days now.

My question is: Is it ok for Celiac's to eat foods that contain gluten that don't seem to bother the stomach? I have noticed there are a few foods that don't bother me or bother be only a little bit, but do contain gluten. I'm assuming I shouldn't be eating anything that contains gluten- whether it bothers me or not, but I just want to check since I'm new at this. I meant to ask my doctor today, but I had so much going through my mind that I completely forgot! :huh:

Thank you for your help!

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Welcome to the board!

The consensus in the medical community is to maintain a strict gluten free diet.

from: http://www.celiacdiseasecenter.columbia.ed...nts/A02-FAQ.htm

"Q: Is it ok if I ingest some gluten if I do not experience any symptoms?

No. The majority of patients with celiac disease experience no symptoms when they ingest gluten, either intentionally or unintentionally. This led to the concept that patients, especially children may grow out of the disease. In addition, patients also consider that it is doing no harm to them. However the ingestion of even small amounts of gluten results in damage to the small intestine--regardless of the presence or absence of symptoms--and puts the patient at risk for resulting complications including malignancies and osteoporosis. "

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People with Celiac should not consume any gluten. Even though you may not be symptomatic, it is no indication that damage is not being done to your small intestines. Celiac can have over 200 symptoms and not all of them are digestive.

Use this forum as a source. Learning to live gluten free is a steep learning curve. Start simple.

This is a great place to learn. Welcome

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