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Need A Safe G-f Shampoo For Black Relaxed Hair

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I don't have your type hair, but I do have frizzy hair and dry scalp. My hair has been less dry since I use Dr. Bronner's (fragrance free baby--light blue label) liquid soap. I put some tea tree oil in it as well to help with my itching problem. You can buy it at many places, look in the health food or natural product section of the store. I no longer have to use a defrizzing product on my hair as the soap leaves some of the oils in the hair.

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I also color my hair, which leaves it very dry. That is not as harsh as relaxing it... you almost need a super conditioner for that. I have had some perms in my life-- I imagine they do a similar number on your hair (it is just the reverse of the process, in a way). I have thick wiry reddish hair with some wave that tends to "frizz out" and it is very dry and the ends are easily "burned."

Here are safe shampoos that I know/use:

phytologie phyto-jojoba shampoo (pricey) This is a beautiful gentle shamppo but at 25$ a small bottle, it is a splurge. Sephora has this.

rene furterer myrhhea shampoo (also pricey-- 22$ a tube)

LUSH (more reasonable 17-25$. dep on size)): daddy-o (violet-- for grey), anti-philitron (lemon), washaday greens (chlorophyll) , blue ice (mint), solid shampoo bars-- trichomania is coconut based and smells divine. That one might be a good bet-- the solid shampoo idea is a little different, but it is cool. The 25$ LUSH size is a very big bottle. The solid shampoo runs about 10$ a chunk and it is a better buy. They last a long time.

By FAR the best conditioner I have ever found is called retread by LUSH. This conditioner comes in a pot and it really restores the hair. A pot is about 17$. If there isn't a LUSH store near you, you can order online. I am a hair product junkie (recovering I guess) and I tried a lot of kinds. Nothing is as good as this (for my hair, at least).

But there are lots of other good brands out there-- I think some of the aussie products are safe, as well as some of the pantenes.

I hope you find something that works really well for you. Dr. Bronners does not agree with my hair, nor do the sugar-based ones like Burt's Bees-- these products make it feel like straw unless I use a ton of conditioner and it poofs out really big because the cuticle is all roughed up.

This part of celiac disease is really frustrating because there are so few choices and the ones you do have are generally expensive. And if you have tricky hair, so much the worse.

Oh-- found a couple of good styling products too: korres yucca soft shine wax (good stuff) and LUSH "king of the mods"-- a grapefruit-smelling cream. And Phyto pro hairspray works. Phyto also makes a karanja oil spray that helps me out and a leave-in called phytomist. I only wish their products weren't so dang much money.

I guess in the long run, I decided to spend more on fewer products in the interest of being safe. Hope it helps you.

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