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Reser's Fine Foods

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I've been craving taquitos with guacamole and salsa. While grocery shopping, looked at the products in the freezer section, hoping to find something gluten free. I get bored eating the same stuff.

I found frozen Chicken Taquitos and Beef Taquitos, mfr'd by Reser's Fine Foods. I was happy, as ingredients look safe--corn tortillas, nothing that should contain gluten, & nothing suspicious! I bought a couple boxes, but decided to check their website before eating. This is what I found, so I think I should return the items, and just make them from scratch...

Anyone have cc info on Reser's products to share? I hate it when companies have policies like this, where cc is a gamble.

Thanks! :)


5. Are any of Reser’s products “gluten free”?

Reser’s strives to meet our customers’ needs, however because all of our plants make hundreds of fresh recipes from thousands of ingredients, we cannot guarantee a “gluten free” manufacturing environment for any single product. Rather than risk customer satisfaction, we have chosen to not make gluten claims on our products. Each ingredient is very clearly stated on the packaging label so that Reser’s consumers can make informed choices about the foods they eat.

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I also have been craving taquitos! Must be the time of year or something. I have a certain brand that has been good for me in this area (not Reser's) but no store seems to be carrying them this season!! All I have found are with flour tortillas or a mix of corn/flour tortillas! What's up with that?? ugh.

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