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Food List To Get At Walmart?

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I'd love to see the list of food that I can get at Walmart as it's only food store we have here in our hometown. It's for my daughter Sarah. She's almost 3 and is very picky and hates veggies/fruit. I need some ideas to make it fun and reintroduce veggies/fruits.


Amy and Sarah(newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease)

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You can search Wal-Mart's website for their gluten free items and then even check online for availability at your particular Wal-Mart (you enter zip code and select your desired store). A word of caution though - their list has many inaccuracies on it. I believe I found Wheat Thins on it several months ago. At least it's a starting point, though.

Also, our Wal-Mart just added a gluten free section in the last month or so. They still have things like Pamela's chocolate chunk cookies stocked in the cookie aisle, but there are two other varieties of Pamela's cookies in the gluten-free section. I just happened upon the section by accident as it's in a very strange location (by the peanut butter/jelly and institutional sized cans of stuff).

As for fruits, does she like smoothies?

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