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So I got some answers this past Friday from my doctors office. I had 6 vials of bloodwork sent in for testing. They were to be testing for Celiac,and then doing follow-up IGE rasts for grain allergies since my skin tests were positive.

I was told that I do not have Celiac, that I am allergic to all grains. I have asked that the paperwork be faxed so I know what specific tests were ordered and what the results were, but for now I know that am allergic to Wheat, Rye, Barley, and Oats...I just think that there were 5 grains they tested for not four, so I need to find out what the other one is.

I stopped eating wheat specifically on Friday after hearing the results, and so far I am 90 percent improved. I still have some different symptoms, but the "my stomach feels like it is eating itself", the constant bloatedness, the sharp left sided pain, and the inability to do any physical task has all subsided. I used to not be able to do anything physical in fear of getting the sharp left sided pain. I would also have constant indigestion and belching. I would say the gas/belching has decreased by at least 75 percent. I literally felt like I was dying before, and was just constantly in pain.

This may not be the absolute cure, but I will certainly take a 75 to 90 percent improvement over nothing!!! I had a great weekend with my little ones, and I haven't been able to do that for a long time (years) bcause of constant pain or discomfort.

I am sad to have such a drastic diet change, but if it continues to work, I can never go back to eating wheat. the symptoms are almost instant for me, and most always very severe and life changing.

It's good to have some answers finally, even though they aren't the best answers.

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