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Ok I have been looking up info on this, can't find anything solid yet...anyone have and advice? I was RX'd Cefdinir, the generic of Omniceph.

I found this: "Omnicef- the main ingredient Cefdinir is fermented on soy, contains guar gum, strawberry and cream flavoring. However, the generic is not fermented on soy." I don't know what the cream flavoring is...I am guessing an oral suspension.

Since I am doing an elimination diet, should I chance it? I am thinking my other intolerance is soy. Every time I ask the pharmacist if my med's contain a gluten or wheat, they look irritated and always shake their head no. So I am never sure if I'm getting a true answer or not.

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I have never heard of what you are talking about here. But wanted to tell you there's a great online company that offers supplements/minerals, etc. that are allergen-free....many of the usuals. www.kirkmanlabs.com. And they are great to work with. I'm unsure if they offer real prescriptions or not, but I bet they would know who does that you could feel safe with your soy and wheat issues!! I would highly recommend contact them.

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