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Gluten And Endoscopy

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Hi!~ My GI doctor told me her wouldn't do an endoscopy unless I tested positive on the blood test. I must have tested positive because I did get sent for an endoscopy. I was asked if I was still eating gluten in order to make the test accurate. I told them I was and the test came back negative. But, I am still having lots of symptoms.

I am curious how much wheat has to be eaten to show damage because I do not eat like a typical American. I went to a naturopath a few years back who detoxed me along with adrenal support, had me on an hypoallergenic diet for a month, then placed me on fish oil as I reintroduced foods. He also suggested I continue drinking my smoothies with chlorophyll added. I learned that corn, soy, quinoa, flax seed, peanuts, cantaloupe, apple cider vinegar, certain additives, deli meats, oranges, MSG, dairy unless I take Lactaid, etc. all cause an enormous amount of muscle pain, migraines, nasal drainage, etc. for me. I noticed when I ate wheat I was again shorter with those around me (irritable). Consequently, I eat a lot from scratch. At the time of the test, I was starting to slip in watching what I ate and had been eating a piece of toast in the mornings for breakfast even though I knew it contained corn and soy derivatives. Basically a very small amount of gluten. I am still not eating properly, but I have decided to go back to being devoted to not eating things that contain even trace amounts of stuff that bothers me to see if I can get back to where I was. I can't afford to detox again. Maybe I can get some good fish oil, quercitin, chlorophyll, and a multivitamin to help seeing as I did feel better while on all of this.

He did do a fatty stool test which came back positive thus I am now taking 6 pancreas enzymes with every meal and 2 with every snack.

Any thoughts? Was I eating enough gluten? Can I get better with these food intolerances? Help! Thank you so much! I have girls with Asperger's, a language disorder, ADHD, asthma, migraines, etc. What I figure out that helps me may help them.

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