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So Confused By Results! Please Help!

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I have just been told by my Dr that there is a good chance that I have Celiac. Can anyone tell me if my results could be false positives and just what they mean?

Endomysial Iga = Positive (normal is negative) Could this be a false positive?

Endomysial Iga Titer = 1:160 (normal is <1:10)

Tissue Transglutaminase Ab, Iga, S= >100 H (normal is <4.0)

Can these results be an indication of anything else besides Celiac? Can the results be wrong? I am just confused and I don't understant why this would become an issue now that I am in my late 30's.

Please help me understand all of this. Are there other tests that I should have done?

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Welcome to the board and the gluten free lifestyle. With those results chances that you are not celiac are slim. IMHO. Your doctor may want you to have an endoscopy and if so don't go gluten free until after that test is done. With results that high your doctor may not feel the need for an endo, some do some don't.

Usually celiac has a trigger. That is a stressor either physical or mental such as an illness, emotional stress etc.

It may seem hard at first and there is a lot to learn. Be sure to read lots of posts here and ask any questions you need to.

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Yep, those are fairly convincing test results that you do indeed have celiac.

Celiac is NOT a "born with it or never get it" issue. You are born with the genes that *could* cause celiac, but they often need a trigger in order to be expressed. (Not all functional genes in the body are always expressed. What is expressed varies from part of the body to part of the body and varies based on environmental exposure.) So, some variety of stress to the body - be it physical trauma, chemical stressors, or pyshcological stressors (which, to the body, is essentially chemical stress) - can activate the gene. Boom, you go from having celiac to not having celiac.

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