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Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Chips Are gluten-free

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I know Hershey's doesn't have a good reputation on this site, but I really like Special Dark, and I did some research on the baking chips but saw conflicting info, so I spoke to a rep today who confirmed they are gluten-free - but they just aren't listed on the 'short list' of 'suggested gluten-free items' that Hershey puts out. I asked why, and she said the list isn't a complete list, just a list of suggestions for those on a gluten-free diet.

I had first sent an email asking about the gluten status of the chips, and in the email I did suggest they work on their labeling/disclosure procedures. They wouldn't reply to my question about the chips via email, I had to call with a reference number, but that's okay. At least I got my answer, and maybe my email got forwarded to a mahogany desk somewhere...

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