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I was glutened last week, I think by peanuts. Today I ended up having a lot of stomach pain, bad BM, gas. The only new thing I added to my diet today was sparkling apple cider. How long after being glutened do I need to be careful with my stomach? And is there any reason that apple cider would hurt my stomach (100% apples)? Also can I be sensitive to peanuts and not peanut butter? Thanks.

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You might consider that the apple cider is pure sugar and you are feeding fungal growth that would make your stomach have a bad reaction. If your diet is consisting of too many simple carbs and sugar, I would make the assumption that you have overgrowth. To heal, what I have learned, is that you need to eliminate this from your nutritional choices.

They found that in less than 24 hours the gut's microbial populations changed abruptly, according to a study in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

"We were quite amazed that the community really restructured itself in terms of the proportional representation of different bacterial species, the proportional representation of genes with different functions, in a very short period of time," says Gordon. "Certain members of that society of microbes became very dominant, and certain members became more diminutive."


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well, to be honest, I could do nuts after I had to give up pb. Same with soy. I can eat soy products and beans, but the soy butter (pb equivalent) seems to both me! I have given up on trying to understand everything because sometimes I just don't make much sense, lol.

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