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I was just sitting in class and found myself almost unable to understand what the prof was saying...I couldn't write notes, I would forget what was said almost instantly. I came home and tried telling my roommate but couldn't get through it because I kept forgetting what I was talking about. I now have a huge migraine..is this brain fog? I see the term used a lot but I've never had anything like this.

I have an endoscopy wednesday so I have been eating tiny amounts of gluten (I was too scared to do a real gluten challenge as I have been off gluten for 9 months) so I'm wondering if these small amounts are hurting me. I have never cheated on the diet before.

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Sounds like brain-fog to me and yes tiny bits of gluten could cause this as many of us become more sensitive to gluten after going gluten-free.

Good luck with your endo and I hope the fog clears shortly thereafter!

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You are describing exactly what I went through last night. I believe it is more a complication of leaky gut syndrome, which is actually a very common result of gluten intolerance/sensitivity.

Soluble fiber has been shown to increase intestinal permeability, whereas insoluble fiber decreases permeability. If you can, try to load up on insoluble fiber, but make sure you chew it extremely well because your body is unable to break fiber.

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