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2009 Thanksgiving Menus

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Our dinner went pretty well (except one allergy attack)...

Everything was gluten-free/CF...

2 pumpkin pies

deviled eggs

potato salad

6 layer salad (no cheese, lol)


Sage dressing


mashed potatoes


biscuits (that didn't turn out, but whatever)



I'm so proud of my first gluten-free/CF Thanksgiving!! My son had an allergic reaction to something, but we have no idea what it was... Everything was made at home so... I'm thinking its the Kool-Aid I let him have.

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We did it - our first gluten-free Thanksgiving and it was fantastic!!!



Mashed Potatoes

Stuffing (made with a crumbled loaf of homemade cornbread) YUMMY

Whole Cranberry Sauce


Pumpkin Pie

Everything traditional for our family was the same or better.

We may have Thankgiving for Christmas too -- certainly thankful for yesterday's meal.

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Herbed Turkey


Praline Sweet Potatoes

Green Beans

Homemade creamed corn

Cauliflower gratin

Peanut butter pie


All gluten free except the rolls, because I don't care about bread, anyway. I'm the only one in the family that is gluten free, and they all loved the dinner....best one ever!

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