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Pamela's Bread Mix

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I ordered a 2 lb bread machine yesterday, only to realize today that I really should probably get a 1 lb machine. I'm the only one in my house eating gluten free and I don't want the bread to go bad. Last time I made a loaf I froze half of it and kept out the rest. The half I kept out molded within 3 days and the other half I froze tasted weird when I thawed it out. Silly me.

I'm going to call the store tomorrow and cancel my order and buy a 1 lb machine instead, but I'm wondering how to alter the recipe to make it half. Pamela's Bread Mix is my favorite and I'm used to just dumping the bag into the machine and not measuring much. Do I divide all the ingredients in half exactly? Do I use half a packet of yeast or a whole? I'm really new to this bread deal and really need some help!! Thank you!


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