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Will My Baby Have These Allergies Too?

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I'm wondering if anyone has any insight on this subject. I recently found out I have IgG delayed food allergies to eggs, soy, and casien and I'm wondering...since these issues really starting flaring up during pregnancy....does that mean that my baby is going to be allergic. I'm kind of scared because I think a lot of the vacccines they give babies are made from eggs and I'm terried. I'm probably going to hold off on some vaccines anyway because I think some of them are unnecessary like hep b for a new born baby...anyway...different subject different time. What is the probablity my baby will have these allergies? Also my 2 year I believe has issues with cows milk and we have weaned her down to one glass of milk a day at night before bed and I would like to take that away as well but I don't know what to replace it with. I would like something with protien because it seems to top her off and keep her full through the night...she has kind started becoming a picky eater and isn't eating her dinner a lot so if I don't give her something like milk before bed, she wakes up in the middle of the night hungry. She has become so mucusy from all the dairy she was eating...it used to be the only thing I could get her to eat...cheese,yogurt,cottage cheese. Any suggestions?

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There's a couple of questions in there. From what I've read on allergies, if you have allergies that ups the chance your kids will too. But then again, they might also be allergy free. Also, just because you have an allergy to soy doesn't mean your child will but they could be allergic to something else instead.

Before bed snacks. She likes milk. Will she take an alternative? My kids usually do some kind of carb food. Well, they did more when eating gluten. So animal crackers or graham cracker. My one son would have cereal every night if he could (with rice milk). Now, besides cereal, they like a fruit leather or grab cheese.

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