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Anyone Not Get Sick After Eating Gluten?

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I've been gluten-free for several years now. The last time I got sick was Christmas eve I think it was 3 years ago.

Today, I accidentally ate my wife's leftovers which had Boca Burger in it (Contains Wheat gluten as the 3rd ingredient). I forced myself to vomit about 45 minutes later, but after looking into it, that probably didn't do much more then take 50% to 60% of the food out of me.

I was waiting for me reaction to start - it's always been like clockwork. it starts 2-3 hours after ingestion. it's now been 9 hours - and nothing. No reaction at all. I'm absolutely flabbergasted!! I've always been very very very sensitive to gluten since I started getting sick..to have no reaction at all is freaking me out!

Has anyone ever had this happen several years after going gluten-free, and not have ANY symptoms after ingesting gluten????

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