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Endoscopy And Biopsy!

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I'm having my first endoscopy and biopsy of my small intestine this Friday. I am worried. Anyone with great words to say in regards to the proceedure?

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The worst part about it is when they put an IV in. And even that's not bad. You'll go in, go to sleep and wake up and go home. Some will have a bit of a sore throat for a day or so but not everyone does. Try not to worry, it is one of the easiest procedures I have had done. You will not be able to drive that day and do be sure to make sure that someone is with you to drive you home.

You also can go ahead and start the diet the day of the procedure, if you have had all your blood work etc for celiac screening done. Your body may tell you the test results before you even go back to get them. Also a negative biopsy is NOT absolute proof you are not celiac as false negatives do occur. Give the diet a couple of months or so to see if helps regardless of the results.

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