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Blood Tests And Biopsy Done?

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I am 62 and was diagnosed with Celiac before age 1 so for 5 years I was fed nothing except BANANAS and I do mean nothing else!!! Medical Knowledge of Celiac being whatever it was in 1947??? At age five the family Pediatrician pronounced me and my Brother age 3 cured of Celiac Disease. We were actually wrote up and publicized as having set records for numbers of Bananas consumed. Well, here I am at 62 and learned that you never can be cured of Celiac. So, concerned about my health, I had a 4 panel blood test done (ouch that was expensive) and I also had the Small Intestine Biopsy done (ouch again). Both came back negative for Celiac and the Doctor said the Villi in my small intestine looked fine too.

I was either cured miraculously by BANANAS so many years ago or I was inappropriately diagnosed and lived on bananas for why!?!?!?!?! The thing confuses me is that back when I was child if I was given anything else to eat by a well meaning person I was very sick for a couple days thereafter. The Pediatrician and my parents are both long since past away.

So is this a success story.... or two children misdiagnosed. Here I was resigning my self to Gluten Free living just because I was told you can't be cured and you will suffer very serious ill effects from any continuation of a Gluten lifestyle!?!?!?!

What do you all think????


Stanley, IDAHO

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Do you have any health issues? Sensitive stomach, migraines, arthritis, anemia, diabetes etc? It was thought back then that children would outgrow celiac, I have heard stories like yours before as far as the 'banana' diet goes. If you are healthy and have no issues I would not be concerned but if you are having issues you should try the diet for a bit. Celiac can change presentations and attack organs other than the gut in some of us. Testing leaves a lot to be desired even now and with no idea what tests were done then it would be impossible to say if you were misdiagnosed.

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