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Gluten-free Baking Mixes (tip)

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I emailed Simply Organic about their turkey gravy, since my local grocery store had it in the gluten-free section, and I bought it without realizing it didn't say it was gluten-free. Anyway, the gravy has risk of cross-contamination, they told me, although they say they do have full ingredient disclosure on their products.

However, they told me about several gluten-free baking mixes they've added. They don't particularly advertise them as gluten-free, but they are, apparently (that's why I'm telling you). They say the processing area is scrubbed down before blending and that 'no other products are blended at the time the baking mixes are being packaged. They test before and after for the presence of gluten'.

Here are the items mentioned:

Item # 18933

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