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Guest bun3kin

What Kitchen Equipment To Replace?

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Guest bun3kin

Hi everyone! I am new to this forum and to being gluten-free, and have a question.

I know that we have to replace a lot of our kitchen equipment, but I am not sure what. Here is the list I have so far, based on what I have read:

Serrated knives

Scratched non-stick cookware

Plastic and wood utensils

Cutting boards


Glass pans that have baked on brown stuff (If we can't get the baked on stuff off)

Cookie sheets with baked on brown stuff (If we can't get the baked on stuff off)


Non-stick or scratched cake/loaf pans

Non-stick or scratched muffin pans

Crockpot (Scratched on the inside)

Tupperware/Plastic containers used for cooking or that are scratched

Pizza stones

My questions is, what about my:



Food processor

Blender (would I just be able to replace the rubber gasket?)

Silicone basting brushes

Spring loaded scoops that have been used to portion gluten containing foods

Tupperware canisters

Counter-top roaster that was used to cook gluten containing foods

Electric griddle

I am sure there is more that I am leaving out, but this is a start. I don't mind replacing whatever I have to. I just want to make sure I get it all. :)


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I'll start off my answer by saying we maintain a dual kitchen. It's really expensive to have two sets of everything, so I've been working with what I have, just making minor changes. I do 99% of the cooking, so it's pretty easy to keep cross contamination to a minimum. He has one side of the kitchen counter that is a gluten free area.

We kept our older nonstick cookie sheets, but I always use parchment paper for his baked goods and foil for anything else we might be cooking on them if it's a gluten-free or shared item. Ditto with my pizza stone (which I clean off with a wet rag when I'm done using it). My glassware is not a problem (they go in the dishwasher), ditto my not scratched (& reallocated to his use only) nonstick baking pans & bread pans. I bought him his own pizza pan, a plastic cutting board, a strainer, a bread knife, & a few plastic cooking utensils. He has a toaster and I bought all new containers for his flours. We mostly use pyrex bowls for mixing bowls, leftovers and microwave cooking, so we don't have to worry about cc that way.

As far as cookware, I mostly use cast iron and stainless steel. He has a few nonstick skillets for pancakes, french toast & the like, but I do cook our gluten-free meals in my cast iron without any problems so far. (Although he's banned from using my cast iron griddle, which I make pancakes on for myself every morning. My other cast iron pieces don't usually see any wheat based items.)

I don't worry about the stainless steel since it always goes through the dishwasher. (The dishwasher test is my rule of thumb, if it can go in here, he never seems to have a problem with reactions if I cook in it.) This includes my Kitchen Aid mixer parts, my food processor pieces, and my silicone basting stick. I don't use a stick blender for much, mostly applesauce, so I don't worry about that one if we share the batch. I don't have a blender, and use my spring loaded cookie scoop without worry since it also goes through the dishwasher.

I hope this helps.

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