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Grinding Quinoa?

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Hope I'm doing this right... me and technology are usually unmixy things! :D

I received a grain mill for my birthday this year which has been an absolute answer to prayer. My little jet engine happily rips through everything from brown rice (which is good... since none of the stores near me stock brown rice flour) to dried chickpeas with ease to a powdery finished product.

I haven't ground quinoa yet - and I'm a bit stuck on how to go about it. I buy the grain in bulk from a Amish bulk food store and when I cook it, it needs to be rinsed to get rid of the bitter outer coating. Do I need to rinse and than dry overnight the quinoa before I try making flour... or does it not matter as much in the flour? I would hate to ruin the recipes using the resulting flour with a soapy bitter aftertaste - but on the other hand, I'd hate to muck up the grain by soaking it needlessly.


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