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Pediatric Dermatologist

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I'm ready to take my son to the derm to have this rash looked at on his back/hips as I'm fearing that he has DH. He also has dark circles under his eyes, and complains of tummy aches a lot....

That said, I had him tested for celiac disease a little over a year ago, and it came back negative. But since I know how the testing goes, I think that having his skin looked at would be a better way to go right now. I did a gluten-free trial for a week to see if ANYTHING at all changed, and he didn't complain about tummy aches. I know that wouldn't be near enough time to clear up his skin, though.

Anyway, I'm wondering if there is are pediatric dermatologists that would be better at dealing with kids and these types of issues? Any advice you can share would be great, as I would like to go ahead and get him an appointment quickly. I asked his ped about the rash, and he told me it was eczema and to put Aquaphor on it. Tried it, didn't notice any improvement. So, at this point I'd rather take him to a derm than go back to the ped with the issue.


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