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Generic Imitrex

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Funny how the government tells us not to order drugs made in a foreign country but will let the local pharmacy hand it to us. Just picked up my Imitrex RX, of course my insurance company now want me to take a generic.

I did ask the pharmacist if it was gluten free. She looked toward the drug flyer, tossed it down on the counter saying 'oh yea, no gluten'. She didn't really sound like she was being honest.

So does any know if Dr. Reddy's Sumatriptan Succinate tabs are gluten free? I have not heard back from the company (in India).

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You need a new pharmacy. It is the pharmacist job to make sure a drug is safe for you to take. I would contact the head of the pharmacy and lodge a complaint and move my scripts to a different drug store.

Mylan also makes a generic for Imitrex and they are in PA. If you don't hear back from the company in India you may want to check with Mylan. I have had one generic script from them and it was gluten-free on checking.

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