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Tickle In The Gi Tract

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About 7 weeks into being Gluten Free after a diagnosis of Celiacs. Have had some great days and some not so good. Its almost as if my body is a computer and is resetting itself. Different areas give me problems on different days. Arms and fingers were going numb, that cleared. Legs were next, restless calves and hot/cold spots on the bottom of my feet, that cleared.

Weight has been steady, not losing any more but not gaining as I would like.

The past couple of days its been my GI tract. Ive had a tickle from my stomach to my colon. The tickle comes and goes, more annoying than anything else. Also my food has sometimes stopped digesting. Hours later I still have the previous meal rolling around in there.

Any ideas from the board before I call my GI doc tomorrow?

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I've been having the slow digested food thing for months. I finally gave up most grains and high carb foods. But recently I have been eating small amounts of saurkraut every day and that has helped tremendously with digestion. I am eating more grains than I was and having less colon pain also. Cabbage has a very soothing effect on the digestion something I forgot for awhile. Try it. It is inexpensive and no fuss. I chew it very well and it really makes the whole system work calmly for me.

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