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Oil Pulling Has Triggered Ibs + Itchy Skin

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Hi there,

I was starting to get worried about my symptoms coming back when I remembered that there is something I did last spring and this week too. I started oil pulling in the spring (actually a little earlier) but I stopped when I was overwhelmed with gluten intolerance symptoms. Now, I am back to oil pulling and I really believe in this technique has many benefits on health. But I am now wondering if it didn't wake up my gluten intolerance last spring. Maybe it acts as an accelerator for a problem that was hidden. Maybe I had less symptoms and it would have taken me longer to know without the oil pulling.

Anyway, this week I was worried about my frequent washroom breaks and was wondering where the gluten came from when I remembered that I started having diarrhea right after I did the second oil pulling of the day (it was 3 days ago). I also read online on another site someone who was hoping to get relief from his severe celiac but oil pulling has made his symptoms even worst. Now, I don't mind the frequent BM but I hate my itchy skin before going to bed. This summer, I had to put jalapeno and oil on my skin to get some relief. That treatment was given to me by someone else with itchy skin. There is nothing better than hot pepper and oil for an itchy skin but then you have to take a good shower after.

I will continuing to oil pull. It is great for energy levels and it cleanses the mouth the way no brush and floss will do.

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