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Good News - Thank You For Your Help

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My 6 yr old daughter was diagnosed with Celiac about 3 months ago through blood test. We chose to skip the endoscopy and just go straight to the gluten free diet as the gastro dr felt he would definatley find some minor damage. She had minor symptoms (tummy aches, no weight gain for 6 months).

So we started the gluten free diet about 2 1/2 months ago, adhering VERY STRICTLY to the diet, no slip-ups. We just went to the endocrinologist as my daughter has thryoid issues (was born without a thyroid) and her medication was LOWERED for the 1st time in her life. The dr feels this happened because more of the medication is being absorbed since her intestines are healing due to the gluten-free diet.

She has also gained almost 2 lbs since August (started the gluten-free diet October 6th) and grew almost an inch.

We are so happy that we are seeing results.

I just wanted to say thank you all for your support, answering all my questions (as silly as they may be). It was so overwhelming at first and now it has become so easy and second nature to me. Our whole family is eating healthier as I'm cooking a lot more from scratch now and always adding more veggies/fruits to our meals for more nutrition for my daughter. I'm lucky as she's been very easy at trying new things, even for a 6 yr old.

SO THANK YOU. And to all the newbies...it gets SOOOO much easier. I got the cecelia's marketplace grocery book - it's now my bible for food shopping. I got some cookbooks, go to gluten-free tastings, found a great deli that has a dedicated gluten-free slicer. Very happy now.

Mommy in NY

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That is wonderful news for your family!

You are a great mom for protecting her health and her future. :D

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