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I am new to the glutten free diet and I have not contributed very much to forum; but have used it to a great extent as a reference tool. Celiac. com and this forum has been a valuable tool for me for information and has helped me to feel less isolated knowing that I'm not only one dealing with these problems. I appreciate the sharing of experiences and knowledge.

The holidays this year is rough. I was sick for 2 weeks after Thanksgiving and with Christmas around the corner I am anxious that I'll eat something wrong again. I'll just have to use a little more caution I quess.


Trying to feel normal again

Q: Church communion--- should I participate? I am sure it is enough to make me sick, but it is an important sacriment and statement of my faith.

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Starting the gluten free diet is quite a change. Pack yourself some safe snacks to have with you at all times. You won't have as many accidents. When you are hungry it makes it more frustrating reading through labels.

What religion are you? Catholic's have a low gluten host. Still has wheat in it and won't be considered an "official" host without wheat. Other religions will use a gluten free host. Religions that pass the host through the church as a "memorial" host will let you make and have your own bread at that time.

So it really depends on your religion and your congregation leader. That is the person you should talk to first. (Well actually the secretary.)

Things will get easier, but this diagnoses does change your life.

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