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Organic Gluten Free Flour - Help Needed!

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It seems that producing organic gluten free flour is just not top priority with most companies. Why?? - does the health of people with Celiac disease just depend on gluten free ingredients? - NO, it depends on gluten free quality ingredients. It's very frustrating after years of eating organic whole grains and sprouted grains to find that now I have to avoid gluten means I also have less fiber and mostly low quality ingredients.

Can anyone help? - I live in Canada so need to be able to source flour here or cheaply from the U.S.

The types of flour I am looking for are:

Organic fine white Rice flour

Organic stoneground Sorgham flour

Organic Corn flour

Organic Teff Flour

Organic Millet flour

Organic Potato flour

Organic arrowroot flour

It would be good to be able to get these products too:

Organic egg white replacer from free range eggs

Organic milk powder

There are a few companies that have some very limited organic types of flour - Bobs red mill have organic brown rice flour which is great.

Any advice or help really appreciated! - thank you..

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