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Is This A Central Nervous System Issue? ..anyone Have This?

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I might have asked this a couple years ago when I first came on ...when husband first did a gluten free trial...then went back to eating gluten until October when he did another gluten free challenge. Wondering if this symptom could be caused from gluten intolerance/celiac. For the last few years at night right after getting into bed and before falling asleep he has that all over twitch (you know the falling asleep body twitch you sometimes experience...myoclonus). The thing is it's not just one time...it's many times. He lies down to go to bed...rolls over to go to fall asleep and in an instant his body has an all out twitch...and he's still awake it's not because he's drifting into that sleep state. He gets that twitch up to a dozen times until he finally falls asleep. I wonder if he is celiac if there is some damage to the nervous system causing this...just a thought. Anyone notice a symptom like this. I actually think his twitches have calmed down a bit since going gluten free. Will be interesting to see if they go away completely.


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I have twitching/myoclonus and I'm pretty sure it's because gluten has affected my brain. If you do a search for information about celiac white matter lesions you will see that there are several papers about patients with white matter lesions in their brains and a variety of symptoms that mimic serious neural diseases like epilepsy, MS, and Lou Gehrig's disease. The good news is that most of the symptoms go away after several months gluten free, though if my experience is an indicator you have to be extremely vigilant about cross contamination.

Things that help me with the twitching include avoiding too many raw veggies (weird but true), avoiding antihistamines and opioid pain meds like hydrocodone and tramadol. Also, doing an exercise where I go up and down on tip toes about 20 times then do a calf stretch seems to help as well.

Good luck!

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