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Scented Pine Cones

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I want to make scented pine cones next year. My mom called a couple of craft stores and they didn't have the cinnamon oil or cinnamon chips. I think I can get the oil at the health food store depending on the price :unsure: The recipes on line also say cinnamon sticks (easy to find). There are other scented cone recipes too. Has anyone made them before and what ingredients did you use? Do you have a "recipe"? TIA!!!

THEY SMELL SOOOO GOOD!!! 5 bucks a bag at Fred Meyers <_< I want to make some and share/give them to people over the holidays next year. Cones are free where I live ;)

Thanks for any ideas/input!!!

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I bought some when we first moved in here. They were not expensive and still have a good scent although not as strong as they used to be.

I have never made them, but the problem I've had with stuff I made from found pinecones is that they tend to be sticky/dirty.

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