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Sick - Trying To Figure It Out....any Of These ?

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Food Should Taste Good chips (Olive or Buffalo)

Store bought brushetta with no obvious gluten ingredients

Bakery on Main Rainforest granola (gluten-free)

Silk no fat soy milk

Red Bridge beer


On vacation in Arizona eating gluten-free stuff - mostly from Sprouts. Had the big D last three mornings but didn't feel bad...no headaches as per usual with glutening (though it doesn't always happen)...at least until today. Now I feel really crappy. I've spent the first 2/3 of the last 3 days with nausea and cramping (and can't sleep well - go to bed late, still get up early). I guess 3 days of D will do that !

Anyway, I think I got glutened on the way down...and once making gluten-free pasta in a Paula Dean teflon pot (I know, I should know better)...what the heck does one do darn it !!! Got glutened in the airport from sushi and that usually sets the state for more - already down, easy to get hit !

Any ideas on any of these other products ??

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Northern Elf,

Sorry you are sick. I JUST bought a bag of "food should taste good" sweet potato chips and was just about to ask the highly sensitives if they'd tried them. Sounds like you have a lot of recent variables, unfortunately, so I have no good advice except to go back to your strictly known safe foods for awhile.

Feel better,


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