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Grace Maureen

Any Gluten Free Probiotics With Bifidobacterium Lactis?

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Hi there,

I have been doing some research on probiotics and celiac disease. It seems that probiotics with bifidobacterium lactis would be very beneficial for those who are celiac. So, does anyone have any experience with one? The only one I was able to find on my internet research was called theralac. Has anyone used this? Are there any others brands of probiotics out there which are gluten free with bifidobacterium lactis?

I had purchases some PB8, which of course, doesn't have that strain of probiotic...anyone used this before???

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or experience!


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I also take it and I really think it helps. I am also dairy-intolerant among other things and found Kirkman Labs has allergen-free products. Go to www.kirkmanlabs.com.

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