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I've never had positive test results to Celiac and my doctor said that I "probably have a gluten intolerance". Anyway, I eliminated gluten from my diet (for the second time in my life) a little over three months ago. I've lost a grand total of 7 pounds this time because I know how to eat on the diet so my eating habits didn't change as much as one might think this time.

I was just looking at my facebook profile pictures and it's amazing to me. I have four.

1. Taken when I thought I was ADHD (quit medicine before seeing a more natural doctor and symptoms disappear everytime gluten is eliminated). You can tell I don't weigh much but there is obvious swelling in my face.

2. Taken this summer when not on a gluten free diet. My face is very swollen.

3. Taken 3 weeks into gluten free diet. Swelling in face has obviously gone down but still there.

4. Taken 3 months into gluten free diet, I don't even look like the same person! The swelling in my face has gone down significantly. I don't know if there is more swelling or not as I have not been well for the last 19 years so it's possible....

Also I am able to wear my contacts that started bothering me 3 years ago. For three years, I've only been able to wear them on special occaions until now. My night vision is also better.

There is more, but honestly, I forget about the other symptoms unless I'm looking at a list because they've been gone so long!

I know that everyone has these stories but I am truly amazed how one food might be doing this to me! I truthfully think I also need to eliminate chocolate for a little while and that will be happening very soon!

On the down side, in the event that I accidentally consume gluten I am showing the gastrointestinal symptoms that have never shown themselves before such as feeling like the whole middle part of my body is on fire and painful constipation. This however, is only reinforcing my need to stay off of gluten.

I think I will keep referring back to my facebook pictures everytime I think that it might be ok to consume gluten.

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The changes can be amazing. Glad you are recovering well.

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I agree with Ravenwood Glass -- sometimes the changes ARE amazing. I think you may find, as time goes on, that you will recognize that more of these "subtle" side-effects of celiac resolve. Best of luck to you!

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Thanks. I look forward to seeing more improvements. I've been sick to some extent for the last 19 years so this is very exciting.

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