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Ascaris Lumbricoides = Misdiagnosis?

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I have had many symptoms of celiac disease for about 6 years while continuing to eat wheat (but hadnt done celiac disease testing). For the first 5 years I did not have digestive symptoms, but lots of trouble sleeping, always felt foggy, a lot of trouble concentrating. 1.5 years ago I went to China. When I came back I was VERY sick - could hardly walk. After 9 months a stool sample found Ascaris lumbricoides (parasite), I took medicine to kill it. The parasite (8") came out. Multiple retests to confirm - its gone.

Ever since then my digestion has become worse and worse. The IgA test came back 95%, and the Colonoscopy (4 months ago) came back with flattened villi. The doctor said "it isnt conclusive (ie. my test, not just generally not knowing 100%), but the flattened villi combined with the blood test I say you have Celiac". I havent eaten an obvious source of wheat for 4 months. I made a couple of small mistakes near the beginning, but learned quick. Just in case, I've gone for Elimination - I've been eating nothing but rice (says gluten-free), meat, vegetables and oil. I feel much less healthy than I ever did eating wheat pre-parasite. Larger concentration problems. More digestive problems. Gaining weight. Really tired.

What can I do?

P.S: 24/male/live alone

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