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I would like to hear from anyone that has experienced the following symptoms and has a positive test for celiac disease.

I am a 47 year old male in AB Canada.

For the past nine years (up to Oct 2009) I was experiencing high volumes of gas when I continually consumed meals that contained more than 200mg of calcium. The maximum calcium that I could consume in a day was about 600mg or I would get large volumes of gas. I also was getting a very foul smelling gas when I ate large amounts of beta carotene rich foods. A could not average much more than the RDA (5000I.U./day) of beta carotene or I would get this foul smelling gas and stool.

My blood test (Anti-transglutaminase IgA) for celiac disease was both negative in 2004 and in May 2009.

I am a regular blood donor. While I was experiencing these symptoms I was not absorbing my iron very well and could not donate as regular as before the symptoms began. Since Oct 2009 I have been absorbing my iron very well.

As a child I had intense abdominal and bone pain that went away as I approached my teen years.

My gastroscopy appointment is in March 2010. If the symptoms do not come back the test is going to be in vain and I will not know if I was experiencing celiac disease.

If anyone has been experiencing similar symptoms and received a positive test for celiac disease I would like to hear from you.


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