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Egg Foam

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Egg foam may enhance gluten-free sourdoughs

By Stephen Daniells, 04-Jan-2010

Egg white foam may boost gluten-free sourdoughs enhance the structure of the resulting baked goods and extend the range of gluten-free products, says a new study.

Foams from egg white showed potential as structure builders by retaining gas and forming continuous networks in sourdoughs, according to findings published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

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Very interesting.

Couple years ago I tried to convert a friendship starter (which is just a sweeter sourdough starter) someone gave me into a gluten-free starter. I simply replaced some volume with my gluten-free blend similarly as one would if using it to make bread. I didn't actually make any bread however.

The starter did not seem to thrive or survive being made over to gluten-free though, and I gave it up.

I think I'll try to make a sourdough starter using store bought yeast (which is really just a renewed sponge) using a gluten-free blend and see what happens. If it works, ie, if I can keep it going, I'll try the whipped egg white idea.

best regards, lm

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I worked with incorporating beaten egg whites into a recipe over the Christmas break. I didn't have any luck, but I will be trying this starter idea.

I think that's what Udi's bread does to make it so light. That, and a fair amount of baking powder.

Thanks for this article! It's inspiring me to keep at it. :)

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