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Hi everyone, and Happy New Year!

I just moved to Mexico and I'm struggling with finding out what I can/can't eat. I have a few unanswered questions and any help with answering them is greatly appreciated. :)

1) Corn tortillas - what are the chances that corn flour is contaminated with gluten? So far, I'm eating tortillas from places that make only corn ones, but I'm not sure if thats safe enough or if I should ask about the origin of the flour as well? :unsure:

2) Should I trust companies that always state gluten on their labels in Canada, that they will be doing the same in Mexico? Nestle does for sure, all their products are labeled "may contain gluten/wheat" :angry: What about Unilever, Krafts, McCormick, Coca-Cola products?

3) Does anyone have a clue what are the labelling laws in Mexico? So far I'm eating everyting that doesn't contain suspicious ingredients like spices and flavors, maltodextrin, sugars without specification, dextrin (found one labelled as dextrin from wheat), glucose/fructose syrup... But again I'm not sure if that's enough as some countries don't require full list of ingredients. (ie if there is less than say 2% of wheat, they don't have to put wheat on the ingredients list at all :blink: )

Thanks for any suggestions and have a great day


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