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Gluten-Free Protein Powders

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Trying to ensure you get the right nutrition is tough, especially if you are concious of weight and attempting weight loss with the wonderful leaky gut issue, so I have started to use protein powders as a quick way to get lots of pure nutrition! I emailed Jay Robb and Optimum Nutrition for information on their protein powders...

Jay Robb wrote back and said that ALL of their protein powders and flavors are gluten free

Optimum Nutrition wrote this....

Thank you for your interest in Optimum Nutrition products. The following products are those to avoid; those which absolutely contain gluten:

100% Whey Gold Standard-Cookies n' Cream (cookie pieces)

100% Casein Gold Standard -Cookies n' cream (cookie pieces)

Serious Mass-all flavors(glutamine peptides)

Aftermax-all flavors (glutamine peptides)

Pro Complex-all flavors (glutamine peptides)

Pro Complex Gainer-all flavors (glutamine peptides)

Nitro-Core 24

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I love Jay Robb's whey protien powder.

Also, Dr. Mercola's Miracle Whey Protien powders are all gluten-free, according to the rep I spoke too. I love the chocolate, the strawberry is kinda blah and the hubby loves the vanilla. Not sure how the others taste.

To add-Dr. Mercola's website: http://www.mercola.com/

He has an interesting article on protien powders and how you can tell the better ones from the not so good ones (processing and so forth) very interesting, I highly recommend it. :D

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