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Original Juan Pain Is Good Peanuts

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I tried two products by Original Juan: Pain is Good Hot Nuts and Pain is Good Jerk Nuts. I definitely had a gluten reaction (the only other possibility is some old Celestial Seasonings raspberry flavored herbal tea, but I'm pretty sure I've had that several times without a reaction).

The labels on those peanuts have allergy information pointing only to peanuts and soy, but I think it's an error. The ingredients on the jerk nuts look pretty clean. The only suspicious ingredient there is "spices". The hot nuts, on the other hand, have both "natural flavors" and "natural smoke flavor". I know that smoke flavor is often carried on flour but I trusted the allergy information.

The thing that has really frustrated me is that when I called to ask, they were neither knowledgeable nor helpful. These people are really clueless, or at least the person who answers the phone is.

I recommend staying away from these products.

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