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Waiters, Waitresses, And Restaurant Owner Men Well

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Here it goes and they are real experiences in the last 6 months for me. Anyone else want to contribute. Some of them are amazing and other understandable, but be careful, you must always be on the lookout for others assumptions.

Instructions: No flour, bread, pasta or coatings of wheat, rye or barley of any kind in any form please. This is simply one sentence and I thought easy to convey to the chef or owner. This is what I got.

Last night, I wanted a stew but asked it flour was used in the gravy and was told it was and chose another main course, but the soup I ordered had Orzo in it,a definite pasta and wheat product and delivered by the same waitress. I guess she thought it was very fat rice?

Two months ago, different restaurant, same instructions, but she brought me a first course salad with croutons on it.

One month ago, a steak house, was careful not to have gravy or sauce or bottled dressing or sauces, but he brought my plate with piles of deep fried onion rings.

Otherwise, most fine restaurants are very careful. One chef gave me an appetizer, but with no sauce as the waiter stated that the same spoon is sometimes used for gravy that has flour in it.

A desert plate used a small thin cookie to hold the sorbet even though it was not stated on the menu. Same restaurant, same waiter, as above, and it was brought with no cookie. So there is hope ...

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I have ordered soft-shelled-crabs cooked in just butter and the waitress wouldn't do it. Finally, she said she would let me get them fried in cornstarch. They were good the first time...not so good the next time.

At an Italian restaurant, I ordered veal picatta sauteed in just cornstarch. It was terrible. So, I'm not sure what I'll get next time. Probably just a grilled chicken breast or steak.

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Once i went to chili's and ordered a sandwich without the bread. i explained i was allergic and just wanted the chicken breast (this was three years ago- before their allergen free menu) anyways... i went through my instructions and the seriousness of my allergies. my sandwich came out exactly as i ordered, with it came a salad with croutons. um duh!

i've been glutened from carrbas gluten free menu. being very specific is not always enough. proceed with caution

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