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Chicken Nuggets And Stuffing

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I made these recipes today:

Shake-It-And-Bake-It Chicken (found under copy cat recipes)


Chicken Flavor Stuffing like Stove Top (found under copy cat recipes)


Comments on shake and bake:

Needs some pepper

1 batch made enough for a 9x13" pan of chicken nuggets (baked 20 minutes)

Used Corn Chex Cereal and gluten-free flour mix

You may want to prepare extra (I mixed it up the night before)

Tasted great!

We had them with BBQ sauce. My dh said they'd be better with fry sauce...he ate most of them! :blink::) No leftovers :(

Comments on stuffing:

Made similar to stove top, very easy

I used poultry seasoning (has S&P in it) so reduce the pepper amount if you use it

I might use 1/2 as much butter next time and part water for some of the broth

Also I used 3 cups mini croutons not the 2 cups of bread crumbs (good way to use up your flops)

Very easy to make and tasted great!

My dh said it was just like homemade stuffing and he ate most of it...none left :o

OOPSIES! I just reread the recipe and found out I used the whole can of broth...no wonder I needed to add another cup of bread cubes!

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