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Cooking Once A Month Idea

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I love this idea of prepping food and freezing it. It especially would be good for a shared kitchen. You could clean the kitchen, prep your food and then relax for the rest of the month.Just pull out what you are going to eat and cook. It does take some planning but cooking gluten free takes that anyway. This lady is not gluten free so substitute gluten free ingredients. (i.e. use gluten free bread crumbs for the meatballs).

I love how in the chicken section, you end up with shredded chicken tacos for dinner on the prep day!


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I love this idea too, even before going gluten-free. This makes me sad I skipped out on Friday's Whole Foods sale of organic ground beef for $2.49 a pound. It was snowing, the roads slick and I really didn't want to take the three little ones out. WF is a good 30 minutes away in nice weather. Another sale, another day...

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