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6 Mos. gluten-free Diet Now 6.5 Has Diarrhea

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My daughter was diagnosed 7/1/09. Been gluten-free since. Her diarrhea cleared up in a one month. Doing pretty well overall since then. Now, Sunday, had pure liquid BM. This morning, soft. I haven't seen this since pre-diagnosis. We suspect Chinese food dinner was contaminated (had eaten it before without reaction) or some other source of gluten.

Am wondering if this is what a Gluten dosing looks like?



aka Alice's mom

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Lisa, it could be cc. But it could be something else. My son had diarrhea before diagnosis. His too cleared up quickly but just over the weekend, there it was. And now he has a cold. So it's either a symptom leading into the cold or cc from a lunch party we had with friends on Friday. Point is, I guess, I'm not sure you'll really know. But if it keeps happening, then see where it's coming from.

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