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Turn Around For The Worse?

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I went gluten free almost 2 months ago and I was feeling great within a few days. Now for the last week I've been really bad again. Like I am sitting on my bed crying right now because I am so angry and frustrated, this morning is the worst morning yet and I have class in 20 minutes. I haven't accidentally eaten gluten in a few weeks, and this doesn't feel the same as that. The nausea didn't come back like this the times I accidentally ate gluten.

Are you supposed to...crash like this? The nausea was always one of my worst symptoms because it never totally went away. Not even for a day. And nothing helped it, alot of them made it worse sometimes, gravol got really bad for that near the end. It was like my body wanted whatever was in my stomach to get out, even when my stomach was empty.

It almost seems worse now, because a little while after I cut gluten I got my appetite back. I hadn't wanted to eat in almost two years. And never in the mornings, my body would even reject a sip of water most days. That would make me start throwing up again. Now its like my body can't make up its mind, eat or get rid of it.

I know this is just a sad rant. But I didn't think I would ever feel like this again, at least not for a week and it getting a little worse each day. It feels like pre-gluten-free all over again. I'm pretty sure thats an exaggeration, but I've been feeling good for weeks now...its probably psychological too...feeling like I'm going back there.

So is this common? Did anyone else have the nausea/vomiting along with all the other GI stuff, and how did you deal with it? Should I try cutting more things out of my diet until I heal? If I do will it screw up the tests I'm having done in a month?

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