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Wondering If My 5 Month Old Has Celiacs?

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I have been recently diagnosed with celiac disease (I am pretty sure) and now I am wondering if my Newborn was suffering from a Gluten reaction from my wife his first month. One week after birth (At home if I am allowed to brag about my wife) he began to become very bloated and painfully gassy with test showing blood in his stool, constipation and very bad GERDS. For a month my wife tried eliminating all the major foods that cause allergies in infants, but we never did eliminate wheat because the Dr. said it was rarely an issue. It just continued to get worse, almost to the point that I was thinking there was an anatomical problem. By the end of that first month on top of the gastro issues our baby developed a rash/eczema pretty much from head to toe. He was miserable......

Needless to say my wife reluctantly put him on Nutramagin, which is a lactose and protein sensitive formula (which was coincidentally also GLUTEN free). He cleared up pretty fast with no constipation and GERDs reduced to normal level for babies. I have now determined he isn't lactose intolerant since switching from Nutramigin to a lactose containing formula with even better results. Now I am going to introduce full protein "standard formula" to eliminate any milk protein problems.

If that goes smoothly, would celiac disease be a possible answer to our Babies reaction to the Breast milk?

I know that was a bit long Sorry....

Any info, inputs and insult are welcome.

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This is going to be hard for diagnosing your son.

The celiac panel is notorious for patients under 24 months to get false negatives.

Your child would have to ingest the gluten and have enough damage happening to show up in the tests. (blood draw and endoscopy with biopsy) I think you are going to have really hard time with that. Rightfully so. Gluten challenges are dangerous, especially in young children. My daughter was about 16 months old for the gluten challenge and she ended up needing to be hospitalized for dehydration.

Your best bet, is the genetic test for a "probable celiac" diagnoses. The test is not exactly 98% accurate like you will be told. I would put quotes if I remembered the exact words from Prometheus,

you can be part of the known 2% that the test is going to miss

human error is at least 30%/ (so humans are just mistakes waiting to happen)

In the case of a biological parent not matching their child ~ genes mutate

( Now this can be very hard to take if you don't match your child genetically. Especially if you are the father, but I am the mother. So it was easier to realize the gentic testing just isn't all that accurate~ and you should never let a piece of paper rule your life if possible.)

But if your question is can a 5 month old baby have Celiac? I believe the answer is yes. There is gluten in breastmilk (if the mother ingests gluten). Your wife should be tested.

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What will having my wife checked determine?

If she is producing antigens would that bother the baby?

Her whole family is afflicted with allergies.

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It is possible she could be pasing the antibodies. She also could be a Celiac too. Childbirth can be the trigger for Celiac.

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