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Intolerance Or Allergy?

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Sometimes my hands break out into a rash that is so itchy and burning that medication won't relieve them. It looks like eczema, but 10x worse in itch and burn. I always thought it was due to chemicals so I'm very careful when cleaning, but I didn't do any cleaning yesterday and it happened right after I ate a new food.

Since I'm keeping a food diary and trying to figure out why going gluten-free 2 years ago hasn't cured all of my symptoms, I'm thinking that it may be due to something in that food. I hardly ever eat eggs - they gross me out - but I just checked my food diary and the ingredients of that food include eggs.

That being said, is this a symptom of an allergy or an intolerance, or does it matter? I'm very new to keeping track of ingredients and how they affect me (except for gluten, which I've figured out already). I think I'll eat something with eggs and see if it happens again...

Thanks for the help.

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