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New Gluten Free Pizza-Making Forum!

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Hi all,

I was a longtime member of pizzamaking.com before my celiac diagnosis. It is THE place on the Internet for all things related to making pizza.

I just PM'ed the admin there, and he was kind enough to create a "Gluten Free Pizza" area amidst the other "NY Pizza Style", "Chicago Pizza Style", and "Neapolitan Pizza Style" areas. This will be a place where folks can specifically discuss the arcane art of making a gluten free pizza (which, as we all know, is a subject volumes could be written about).

The link to the new Gluten Free Pizza forum is here:


Hope to see you all there to discuss recipes, techniques, etc!


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That's real nice that they made a sub forum there Dave. I haven't done much in the way of pizza since going gluten-free a couple years ago. I might try it sometime if I can figure out a dairy free, soy free, tomato free, carrot free version. There are some threads on gluten-free pizza here also. Maybe a good way to spark some interest would be linking some of the threads here on the Pizza Making site.

I tend to use pre-mixed flours myself. I like Tom Sawyer brand flour mix for my gluten-free baking attempts. There was a thread on microwave bread here a while back that might be a starting point also. No yeast needed for it.

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