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Doc Butch

Machine Made Gluten Free Bread

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I received a Cuisinart Bread Machine for Christmas. It has a a gluten free cycle. I've made three two pound loaves using Pamela's Bread mix and they are delicious. My questions concerns storage and slicing. Any thoughts on where to get the best storage container for a two pound loaf and what's the best way to slice the loaf.

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I love Pamela's too, and I also do it in my bread maker. Do you make it on the gluten free setting? Or the regular cycle?

For storage, I do what someone else on here suggested. I get a large freezer bag and aluminum foil. Slice the bread with either a regular bread knife or an electric knife, wrap each piece individually in foil, and store in the freezer bag - this way, it fits on the door of my freezer easily. When you want a slice or two, you just unwrap them, toast or microwave, and voila - fresh bread!

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